More on the Neanderthal Baby Killers (Groningen Protocol)

If this didn’t get you steamed, I have more for you.

Via several people, I find this Knight Ridder story:

Euthanasia debate in Europe focuses on children

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – Four times in recent months, Dutch doctors have pumped lethal doses of drugs into newborns they believe are terminally ill, setting off a new phase in a growing European debate over when, if ever, it’s acceptable to hasten death for the critically ill. …

Under the Groningen protocol, if doctors at the hospital think a child is suffering unbearably from a terminal condition, they have the authority to end the child’s life. The protocol is likely to be used primarily for newborns, but it covers any child up to age 12.

A parent’s role is limited under the protocol. While experts and critics familiar with the policy said a parent’s wishes to let a child live or die naturally most likely would be considered, they note that the decision must be professional, so rests with doctors.

The protocol was written by hospital doctors and officials, with help from Dutch prosecutors. It’s being studied by lawmakers as potential law.

Imagine you and your 10 year old daughter are in a car crash. You know the she is banged up but the paramedics tell you they’ve seen worse people make it. You wait anxiously outside the operating room when the surgeon comes out and says…

“You know… She was going to be crippled for life so we just killed her.”

Welcome to life in the the European version of Utopia. Then imagine calling the local prosecutor and having them say “Killing that kid was a great idea… We should make that a law.”

Think I’m exaggerating? From The Weekly Standard:

Dutch doctors have been surreptitiously engaging in eugenic euthanasia of disabled babies for years, although it technically is illegal, since infants can’t consent to be killed. Indeed, a disturbing 1997 study published in the British medical journal, the Lancet, revealed how deeply pediatric euthanasia has already metastasized into Dutch neo natal medical practice: According to the report, doctors were killing approximately 8 percent of all infants who died each year in the Netherlands. That amounts to approximately 80-90 per year. Of these, one-third would have lived more than a month. At least 10-15 of these killings involved infants who did not require life-sustaining treatment to stay alive. The study found that a shocking 45 percent of neo-natologists and 31 percent of pediatricians who responded to questionnaires had killed infants.

It took the Dutch almost 30 years for their medical practices to fall to the point that Dutch doctors are able to engage in the kind of euthanasia activities that got some German doctors hanged after Nuremberg. For those who object to this assertion by claiming that German doctors killed disabled babies during World War II without consent of parents, so too do many Dutch doctors: Approximately 21 percent of the infant euthanasia deaths occurred without request or consent of parents.

Did you get that???

1 out of 5 kids is murdered without the parents’ knowledge. And other countries in Europe think they should adopt this protocol.

You know folks, we ain’t like Europe. And I for one, am damn glad.

(Powerpundit has these and some more)

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