Mr. Tea and the batteries of NiMH

A couple days ago I wrote about some unfortunate experiences I had involving some rechargeable batteries. Apparently I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was talking out of my ass. I’m not saying this is anything new, but usually the evidence isn’t so quick and irrefutable.

I mentioned that the batteries apparently lacked the voltage to power the LCD screen on my digital camera. (For the technically inclined, the batteries are Rayovac Rechargeable NiMH AA and AAA batteries, and the camera is an Aiptek DV3100 that was part of a Christmas bonus from my employer.) I never got around to trying it with new disposable batteries, though. Earlier I did, and now it looks like the LCD screen is dead. Can’t blame the batteries for that one.

The other gadget that flunked the battery test was a Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 512 Insulin Pump. A couple alert readers pointed out that Medtronic specifies Energizer batteries, and they tend to reject any others — a fact I had forgotten.

There were also numerous comments singing the praises of NiMH batteries, and no horror stories to back up my own.

So, based on the results of these two experiments, I can safely come to two conclusions.

1) NiMH batteries really are the cat’s pajamas for most uses.
2) I really oughta do more homework before I start talking out of my ass on technical matters I really don’t know squat about.

My thanks to everyone who pointed out my stupidity in such a gracious manner — even you, Paul. I appreciate that it was a real effort, and I am thankful for your restraint.


(Paul adds) Jay- I’m going to take the unusual step to answer you here because there is a fairly important thing to know about NiMH batteries that should be on the front. When you first get them, they need to be “broken in.” That is after you cycle them a few times they get up to full strength. I’ve had NiMH batteries that would give me 6 shots from my camera new that after I cycled them a few times produced strong results. Maybe you just need patience grasshopper. -Paul

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