It’s bigger than a link-fest but I’m just too busy to blog it all. (or if truth be told- Things I wanted to blog but did not have time to.)

  • James Joyner has the story that the Dallas Cowboys are giving rookies a great deal of help handling their sudden fortune. I hope more teams in the league do this. From spending a great deal of time with NFL teams and former players, I can tell you almost none of the players have any idea what to do with even the league minimum which is almost a quarter million a year. There is a dark side to the NFL they never put on NFL Films.

  • I’m almost glad I didn’t blog the fact that Wal-Mart not having a good year is probably a good sign because people are shopping at higher-end stores. Professor Bainbridge does an excellent job. He’s right. — The only thing I would add/stress is that every year is the “year of the xxxx;” Cabbage Patch dolls were big one year, DVD players were the door busters last year. This year we had “the year of the consumer electronics.” My local K-Mart had maybe 50 people in front of it on Black Friday. Target had maybe 100. Best Buy had (no joke) probably 1000 and CompUSA had probably 250ish. When you want deals on computer stuff and consumer electronics, you don’t go to Wal-Mart.

  • HEH- Michelle Malkin uses a Venn Diagram to compare CBS fans to Reagan fans. And for future reference… Anyone using a Venn Diagram to make a political point gets an automatic link from me. (I always loved those things.)

  • My own personal Devil’s Advocate, Spoons is having what sounds like a horrific time with his back. I feel his pain. In my first year of college, I started a job doing manual labor to pay tuition. My first day I moved 12 tons of concrete and mud by myself. I could hardly walk for a week but still managed to keep the job. My boss admitted later when she saw me walking in the door the second day she was getting my check ready. I was bent over so far holding my back she thought I was quitting for sure. I grunted it out and held the job for 7 years. You know that song, “You move 16 tons” well- that used to considered a day’s labor. Lemme tell ya… Those guys were in shape. My personal best was 24 tons in a day and that was after years on the job. 4-5 tons will whip the average man today. (Consider going to garden center and loading 200 bags of mud at 50#’s each. That’s only 5 tons.) Man- to be 20 years old again.

  • David Limbaugh has heard all the doom sayers predicting people will leave the Republicans if they actually do anything and he’s not too impressed. Funny, I never remember the media warning Clinton that if he put gays in the military and tried to cram socialized medicine down our throats he would lose both the House and the Senate….Update- MT 3 is doing weird things with my bullets. I’ll try something different next time.

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