Guests, like fish, start to smell after some time…

As you all know by now, Wizbang! is one of the top blogs in the blogosphere. The credit to that goes solely to Kevin, who built it up to where it is today. Paul and I are simply his guests, and do what we can to keep up with our gracious host.

And as the guy who is very much the junior partner around here, I must confess I haven’t been a very good guest. Without Kevin’s permission, I made posting privileges to Wizbang! the stakes in a wager. I also gave a huge number of gratuitous links to another blogger, prompting the invention of the term “Wizbanging.”

I haven’t learned my lesson, though. Either today or tomorrow I will post another piece that will give a bunch of people an excuse to link to their own blogs. And, afterwards, I’ll most likely give some of them their own Wizbangings ™.

Watch this space for future developments…


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