The most wonderful time of the year…

My, oh my, it’s been a grand month, hasn’t it?

* President Bush wins re-election

* More importantly, John Kerry goes back to being an absentee Senator

* The Red Sox finally win the world series

* Flagrant thuggery is finally smacked down in the NBA

* The NHL is locked out, further reducing the incidents of flagrant thuggery

* New Hampshire dumps technocrat and all-around louse Craig Benson from the governorship

* As of the last update, Yassir Arafat is still dead

* Tom Daschle is now a lame duck

* The toll of dead dirtbags in Fallujah is well into four figures, while our own casualties are less than 5% of that

* The United Nations, already plagued by corruption charges in the oil-for-food scandal, faces new accusations of sexual misconduct by it’s peacekeepers, and it’s staff votes no confidence in Kofi Annan

* I saw both The Incredibles and Team America: World Police in the theatres

* I now own all seven seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on DVD, as well as the original movie

* Dan Rather has finally read the writing on the wall (just before said wall fell on him) and is hanging it up this spring

I’m so happy right now, I think I’m gonna refer to this month as “Yesvember” for the remainder of the month. That’s “Yes” as pronounced by Meg Ryan in that infamous deli scene from “When Harry Met Sally.”

And if I die any time soon, they undertaker’s gonna need power tools to get the smile off my face.

Just please, dear god, do NOT let Dan Rather’s letter of resignation not have been faxed in to C-BS from a Kinko’s…


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