Nanotechnology Will Make You Long And Straight

I saw this on one of those Captivate idot boxes that they’re puting in elevators these days. From USA TODAY:

Sometime in 2005, start-up company NanoDynamics plans to sell a nanotech golf ball that promises to dramatically reduce hooks and slices for even the most frustrated of weekend golfers.

That will be a hint of the future of sports.

NanoDynamics says it’s figured out how to alter the materials in a golf ball at the molecular level so the weight inside shifts less as the ball spins. The less it shifts, the straighter even a badly hit ball will go.

“It’s all about controlling the physics of how the ball spins,” says CEO Keith BlakelyThere’s lots more potential nano sporting gear in the pipeline, sure to appeal to guys who want bigger, better, and farther. In the future, equipped with my nanotec driver and nanotec golf ball, I’ll be hitting 450 yard drives right down the middle on par 5’s. Until they invent nanotec putters I’ll still be 3 putting the holes though…

Maybe they should skip the sporting gear and focus nanotec research on providing men with endowments worthy of the Vice President.

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