Two Major Races Still Not Decided

Certainly there are other races around the country that are not yet determined, but who will be the new Governor of the State of Washington and the mayor of America’s seventh largest city (San Diego) is still up in the air.

In Washington, Republican Dino Rossi is leading by 261 votes over Democrat Christine Gregoire in the race for Governor. A recount, as required by state election law, is all but certain due to the closeness of the race. If the margin falls to a 150 vote difference and less than 1/4 of one percent of the vote then a hand recount is required.

In the race for mayor in San Diego, incumbent Dick Murphy leads write-in candidate Donna Frye by 2,358 votes with 29,000 provisional ballots to count. Of course it’s also possible that he trails Frye by 886 votes, since there are 3,000 or so write-in votes that have problems. Sounds like their going to have one of those Palm Beach ballot inspection sessions, where they attempt to determine the “will of the voter.” The San Diego Union Tribune has the rest of the story.

Update: Rossi wins by 261 votes, and the Secretary of State orders a mandatory machine recount.

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