Three Complaints Cost Fox $1.2M

Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the FCC for all of the complaints that the FCC received about an episode of Fox’s Married by America. Fox was fined $1.2 million dollars for that episode, which contained no nudity or profanity.

After sorting through all of the letters the FCC provided to him, here’s what he found:

So in the end, that means that a grand total of three citizens bothered to take the time to sit down and actually write a letter of complaint to the FCC. Millions of people watched the show. Three wrote letters of complaint.

And on the basis of that, the FCC decided to bring down the heavy hammer of government censorship and fine Fox an incredible $1.2 million for suggesting — not depicting but merely suggesting — sex on a show that had already been canceled because the marketplace didn’t like it anyway.

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