Troll dissection for fun and profit

A little while ago a certain troll-like entity calling himself “James” managed to latch on to me. He has taken exception to several things I have written, and has expressed his disagreement in many ways. He’s called me “simplistic,” said I ‘haven’t got a f*****g clue,” “ignorant NAZI pig,” “non personality,” provincial (in not quite those words), “gullible,” “war loving nazi,” “tosser” (don’t quite get that one, but I think I catch the general sentiment), an author of “pseudo-intellectual masturbation,” “self-righteous,” accused of having an “incredibly large ego,” “class A Wanker” (I had no idea they were graded, like eggs, and pity the person who has to do the grading), and, mixed in with the rest, asked “Are you
Jewish? And before you twist that last question to suit your own ends, it would explain the vitriol in your views.”

Now, to be fair, James did apologize for his comments, dismissing them as “a few innocuous words,” and has answered my postings with actual facts. I think it was once, and here it is:

When the state of Israel was created, 800,000 people were uprooted from their ancestral homes to make way for the incoming hordes. Did you expect them to leave quietly, without a fight?

The Israeli military forces have shown about as much restraint as a bull in a china shop. No one condones the suicide bombings and neither did Arafat, in fact he condemned them. But ask yourself the question why is it that so many people are prepared to give up their lives for a cause they believe in? We are not talking about one or two bombers, but
hundreds. Of course their actions are wrong but if you fail to recognise the legitimacy of their cause, then pity on you.

Now, the last time I dealt personally with James, I cut him off at the knees. Apparently he didn’t learn then, so this time I’m aiming a smidgen higher.

I’ll answer that one in a moment, but first I feel the need to answer the personal attacks.

Well, not so much answer them as addressing them. James apparently belongs to the school of thought (using that term very loosely) that believes the best way to refute an argument is to discredit the person making the argument. It’s a lazy approach, as it only requires a command of invective instead of actual knowledge or ideas of one’s own. It’s summed up in the old defense lawyer’s advice: “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. And if both are against you, attack the prosecutor.” It might look effective at first, but I’ve always found it’s usually a shorthand way of acknowledging that the attacker has nothing else to contribute.

And James wants to know if I’m Jewish. I’ve addressed that before, and feel no great need to go into it again. But it speaks volumes about James that he thinks that whether or not I’m Jewish is germane to the rightness or wrongness of what I am saying. But I shouldn’t mistake it as an accusation; he explains that it would “explain the vitriol” of my positions. Thank you, James, for confirming to me that you’re not just any run-of-the-mill, garden-variety idiot, but you’re a racist Jew-hater as well. I feel so much better about having called you an asshole earlier.

Now, for the substance (scant as it is) to James’ criticisms. He cited the 800,000 refugees who fled their homes shortly after the founding of Israel. He’s showing his ignorance here. There were actually 1.6 million refugees created at that time, people who fled their ancestral homes (often with little more than the clothes on their backs) and fled to strange lands, filled with people with whom they only had a tenuous, ancient familial kinship. It was a terrifying time, but some were more fortunate than others. Fully half of these refugees quickly resigned themselves to never returning to their homes, assimilated into their new lands and prospered, enriching their new homes. The other half found themselves treated as nuisances at best and hated interlopers at worst, shoved into miserable hovels and slapdash refugee camps and their wretched condition preserved for future use as political weapons.

The unlucky ones were, of course, the Palestinians. The fortunate ones were the Jews who fled or were driven out of the other Arab nations surrounding Israel. Everyone focuses on the 800,000 Palestinian refugees; no one mentions the 800,000 Jews who were displaced at the same time, in the opposite direction.

And why should they? Those people got dealt a crappy hand and DEALT WITH IT. They refused to stay victims. They, through fierce determination and sheer force of will, took lemons and started a lemonade franchise that soon grew into a multinational conglomerate. They refused to stay refugees.

And why did the Palestinians flee? Because they bet and lost. The other Arab nations surrounding Israel told the Palestinians that they would soon attack and destroy Israel, killing all the Jews or driving them into the sea, and then the Palestinians could return home. In the meantime, the Palestinians could just get the hell out of the way. The Palestinians listened to those people, fled Israel, and waited for the Arab victory to return home triumphant. They’re still waiting.

Here’s a little tip to the Palestinians: when you back losers, when you side with losers, when you bet on losers, when you consistently tie yourself with losers, when they lose, you lose, too. Perhaps it’s time you stopped buddying up with those who keep lying to you, who keep breaking promises, who keep you second-class citizens (or non-citizens) within their borders, and tried learning something from those who have shown that they know how to succeed.

And here’s another tip to the Palestinians: it’s time to give up the worship of death and try to embrace life. Golda Meir once stated that there would be peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians “when they love their children more than they hate us.” That ain’t nowhere near happening now, and I’ve got the proof.

Do a Google search on “Wafa Idris.” Half of the references will be to the 27-year-old Palestinian woman who was the first female suicide bomber, who killed one and injured over a hundred, on January 27, 2002. The other half of the references are to the Wafa Idris Summer Camp, a UNICEF-funded camp (one of many) where children are taught the basics of terrorism and inculcated in Jew-hating.

Yes, Yassir Arafat often denounced suicide bombers — in English. In (Egyptian-accented) Arabic, he sang the praises of the “Shahid” (martyrs) and authorized funds for building suicide bomb vests. The Palestinian Authority-run television and radio constantly ran loving tributes to these “Shahids” and interviews with young children, who spoke of their hopes and aspirations to blow themselves up and kill Jews.

According to the Bible, when the Jews fled Egypt, they spent forty years wandering in the desert before being allowed to enter The Promised Land. I once heard this explained as the generation that had lived under slavery was unfit to found a nation, and it took time for a generation that had not known slavery to grow up and begin to assume the reins before they were ready for statehood. I wonder how long it will take for the current cult of death that currently rules the Palestinians to fade away, and for a new generation, ready to embrace life and the challenges in establishing a free state, to come to power.

I sincerely hope it’s soon. We’re all paying a price for the status quo. Especially the Israelis, and even more the Palestinians.


(references in the extended section)

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