Election 2004 – Still In Progress

Regardless of the conspiracy theories being promulgated about secret cabals controlling the outcomes in Ohio and Florida, there are actual elections stories that are still unfolding.

Still no governor in Washington State with Democrat Gregorie taking a 120 vote lead over Republican Rossi, with . David Goldstein and Sound Politics provide local left and right coverage of the vote count drama.

Utah County (in Utah) “lost” 33,000″ votes. You didn’t hear much about this becasue a) The votes were mostly for the party that won, b) the votes were found, c) the change in vote totals didn’t affect the results, d) things like this happen in elections and are usually dealt with outside of the national spotlight, e) all of the above.

Here’s a few more interesting stories from around the nation:

Bonus: It’s now safe to ignore any talk of election issues in Florida. Without Fanfare, Florida Certifies Election Results.

Update: Patrick Belton at OxBlog reminds us there’s still no official winner in Ohio.

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