Signs of mental health on the left

I’ve been poking around some liberal web sites since the election, and at first reflection I was disappointed at their reaction to losing the election. Ive seen all sorts of vitriol, arguments of voter fraud, juggling of maps and statistics, and even talk of secession. But then I remembered a little bit of psychology I learned a while ago, and I realized that the liberals are actually showing their mental health and are working their way through the Five Stages Of The Loss Process.

1) Denial
“They didn’t count ALL the votes! Once they count all the provisional and absentee ballots, the exit polls will be proven RIGHT and Kerry will have won!”

2) Bargaining
“The blue states ought to just secede and join Canada, and all the red states can just rename themselves ‘Jesusland’ and get it over with.”

3) Anger
“The Republicans stole the election! They rigged the voting machines! The suppressed the vote! They disenfranchised minorities wholesale!”

4) Despair
“It’s Kerry’s fault for being too weak a candidate. Besides, Karl Rove is the ultimate evil genius, and we just didn’t have a chance against his vile schemes…”

Now, if they could only get to the final stage, Acceptance, perhaps we can all finally MoveOn as a nation…


Goin' Nuculer


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