The 10 Spot – Media Gone Crazy Edition

Ten stories, mildly related to media maddness…

  1. Johnny Dollar chronicles Keith Olbermann’s continued descent into madness as his ratings decline.

  • The Command Post rounds up the current election irregularities.

  • Robert Cox of The National Debate attended BloggerCon III, and notes that it could use a little more political diversity. Dean Esmay follows up

  • The LA Indymedia folks go ape-shit crazy when they see what the think is a tank. Never mind that it’s not a tank and was in LA from Camp Pendleton as part of a Veterans Day parade. The Marines driving the two USMC Strikers were lost and looking for directions when they rolled up on an ANSWER demonstration. [Link].

  • Isn’t it about time for that Rathergate investigation? Glenn Reynolds follows up

  • Speaking of CBS, Les Moonves knows where the-hell-his-bread-is-buttered

  • Free Republic reports: “Joining Dick Cheney’s motorcade in Green Bay, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photographer Dale Guldan hoped to capture a unique image during an otherwise scripted campaign visit in September. Did he ever.” Now everyone will be able to agree the Cheney is a big dick – literal or figurative; it’s up to you to deceide.

  • HBO pundit Bill Maher has his own “falafel moment,” except his chick, Coco Johnsen, is much hotter [Extremly graphic, not safe for work pictures]

  • The Command Post has another election irregularities roundup.

  • Yesterday David Anderson linked to a post of mine where I was making fun of Keith Olbermann’s continued descent into madness. Somehow he thinks that just becuase I think Olbermann is a kook, that somehow I don’t want votes to be counted. David is mistaken – I’m all in favor of the paid election officials and observers continue their appointed work. Based on past elections there’s plenty to be concerned about – read John Fund’s Stealing Elections – How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy (excerpt). The 2004 election has a long way to go until it can match past excesses…

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