Defining Moonbattery

The Washington Post has a story disabusing the moonbats- well assuming facts could do such a thing. It looks at the 3 major “stolen election” theories and debunks all of them.

Here’s a clue. If you still think there is evidence that the election was “stolen” you are not just a moonbat, you have reached the level of barking moonbat.

Conspiracy theories about presidential election flood Internet
…There is the one about more ballots cast than registered voters in the big Ohio county anchored by Cleveland. There are claims that a suspicious number of Florida counties ended up with Bush vote totals that were far larger than the number of registered Republican voters. And then there is the one that might be the most popular of all: The exit polls that showed Kerry winning big weren’t wrong

How President Bush can help reconcile the nation: a modest proposal
Veterans Day


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