Another One Bites The Dust

Conspiracy theories that the vote in Ohio was being hacked or manipulated managed to command the first 15 minutes of a cable news cast the other night on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. It turns out that the whole alleged conspiracy was, predictably, a figment of their imagination. The issue was that no one bothered to find out how to read the Board of Elections results page, though that’s not exactly made clear in this limited mea culpa from Olbermann:

The punch, of course, is the explanation that the 29 more-votes-than voters precincts in greater Cleveland appear to have been caused by the addition of Absentee Ballots. The total difference between registered voters and votes (93,000) might be explained by that process, but it does little for one’s confidence in the whole result from Ohio.

Actually it really does little for one’s confidence in the quality of material presented on his show – a fact he conveniently ignores – as he launches into yet another, more far fetched tin foil hat theory.

Good for him (and the DU pack fueling him) if he can find wide scale problems in Ohio or Florida, but maybe Olbermann and his staff might allow the results to bubble up a bit before running to air, lest they looks like partisan hacks. Of course since Olbermann actually is a partisan hack one can only assume that he’s not really interested in the truth but in stirring up the moonbats, generating controversy, and if he’s lucky improving MSNBC’s dismal ratings.

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