The 10 Spot – Celebrity Gossip Edition

Ten celebrity related items you may have missed on the Internets…

  1. Natalie Portman may have campaigned for Kerry, but apparently she’s a secret a Bush lover.

  • You won’t be seeing any of Natalie Portman’s naughty bits in her upcoming movie “Closer,” in which see plays a stripper. The scene were filmed, but she asked director Mike Nichols to cut the nudity. Talk about a powerful disincentive to see a movie…

  • Does anyone know what the hell is wrong with Joe Scarborough? Tonight he was literally phoning it in on Scarborough Country…

  • Avril Levine as a Hooters girl (Animated GIF’s [1, 2, 3])

  • Mac is keeping track of Britney Federline so you don’t have to. Britney’s writing again… ‘nuf said.

  • Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps swims like a fish, and according to the police he drinks like one too

  • I’ll have you know that a Google search for the term Tara Reid Wardrobe Malfunction, until yesterday had this Wizbang post as the top ranked result. It’s still siting at #4.

  • The Charlotte Bobcats, the NBA’s newest team, did manage to get their number into the print edition of the new phone book. Unfortunately, the phone number listed for the Bobcats leads to adult chat line.

  • Colin Farrell won’t be staring in James Bond movies, but he will be taking the role of Detective Sonny Crockett for a movie version of the ’80s TV drama “Miami Vice.” Jamie Foxx is slated to play the partner, Ricardo Tubbs.

  • Jim Belushi and Julie Newmar are neighbors and they’ve been fueding for years. Lawsuit shed light on the bizarre claims of each side.

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