It's a bet

The day after the election last week, I tried what I thought might be a novel way to do my little bit to heal the divisiveness left by the campaign. I offered Bush’s critics among the blogosphere to make a wager with me on whether the country would do better or worse over the next year. The catch I insisted on, however, was that they would have to bet that things would get better (or at least not tank). I received several respectful declinations, a few ranting arguments, and one asshole (who has been named enough lately) who thought it would be a good idea to link my peace offering with a bitter, invective-filled, ominous screed.

But at the tail end of it, one lone blogger stepped forward and took my challenge. Oyster of Your Right Hand Thief , certainly no supporter of President Bush, has taken up the olive branch and is willing to put his own blog’s integrity on the line.

Oyster and I agreed on the terms (spelled out in the extended section, if you’re curious). If two of those three conditions happen, I win and I get to post whatever I want on his site. If they don’t happen, he wins and he gets to post whatever he wants here at Wizbang. In fact, I’m going to sweeten the pot and, if he wins, I’ll give 50 bucks to Habitat for Humanity (a charity he mentioned he supported). Anything that keeps Jimmy Carter beating on poor people’s houses with a hammer and out of meddling with international affairs HAS to be a good thing.

But more importantly, if he wins, we all win. I’m betting things will go bad for America, he’s pulling for us to do better.

So I invite everyone to go over to Oyster’s page and cheer him on. I know I’m hoping he wins this bet.

Come on, folks. Help me lose this one!


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For the terms of this bet, “the economy tanking” shall be defined as three months or more of unemployment being over 6%, “the draft coming back” shall be defined as a bill to reinstate the Selective Service System introduced and backed by Republicans and supported by a White House official, and “a major terrorist attack” shall be defined as a single incident or roughly coinciding incidents that kill at least 200 Americans within the borders of the United States, or a series of two or more related incidents that kill at least 200 Americans within one week.

In praise of civilian casualties
Greetings from the worker's socialist paradise of New Hampshire!


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