Loose Ends and Links of Note

Unlike the MSM who bury their corrections, I’ll put mine right here at the top. The morning after the election, I linked to Larry Sabato who was on Fox News bragging that his crystal ball was 99.8% accurate at predicting the election. I confess it sounded impressive so I linking it without reviewing it completely. He’s a loser. Steven Taylor spanked him and James Joyner got every state correct. I’m not sure how Sabato did his math.


Many of you must have used Megapundit’s election roundup that I hyped shamelessly. He tells me he got over 680,000 hits in 1 night. Let that be a lesson, build something cool and people will come. But while he’s off to a good start, he did make one rookie mistake… He fisked Paul Krugman -Really Joe, there’s just no sport in that anymore. LOL

In case you were wondering, Arafat is still alive as of this morning. (but we can hope)

And one more thing of note… David Limbaugh (yeah, Rush’s attorney/writer brother) stopped by Wizbang. Apparently he has a new blog and he has some interesting things up. Be sure to stop by and look around. Just make sure you pick up after yourself when you’re done.

Schwarzenegger calls Democrats `losers'
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