Amazing — The Boston Globe found another clueless moron to publish

It’s nice to know that we here in the United States hold a monopoly on liberal apologist idiots with suicidal tendencies. The Boston Globe found a kindred spirit today, in the form of Uri Avnery, a former member of Israel’s Knesset and founder of a “peace bloc.” Mr. Avnery looks back on the life and times of Yassir Arafat, the man who gave us the Munich Olympics massacre, the invention of the suicide bomber, and the man responsible for the deaths of thousands of Israelis, Palestinians, Americans, Lebanese and others, the man who reshaped the Palestinians people into a death-worshiping, Jew-hating, festering sore on humanity before clutching the Nobel Peace Prize in what must have been the bloodiest hands to ever befoul the name of that award. And now that he draws nearer to his long-overdue demise, Mr. Avnery is predicting that Israel will regret his passing.

I remember once reading that all Jewish holidays could be boiled down into nine simple words: “They tried to kill us. They failed. Let’s eat.” When Arafat finally stops polluting the air and begins polluting the soil of wherever he gets planted (please, God, not in Jerusalem, unless he’s cremated and his ashes are flushed down some toilet), it will indeed be a day for much feasting — even for those of us who aren’t Jewish.

Mr. Avnery, I expect, will be in deep mourning, and I suspect will engage in the Jewish tradition of fasting when that day comes. And I hope he continues his fast until Arafat returns.


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