The 10 Spot – Election Hangover Edition

Ten election related items you might not have seen on the wondrous Internets…

  1. Steven Den Beste, a man famous for prodigious essays, has but 3 words to summarize the election.

  • John Hinderacker has the inside story from 30Rock on how the exit poll data got into the blogosphere.

  • Michelle Malkin shows, via an awesome graphic. just how overwhelming Bush’s victory was at the county level.

  • Ezra Klein at Pandagon has a different map that you can compare with Michelle Malkin’s map.

  • A slightly less serious new map of the US, based on yesterday’s returns.

  • Laurence Simon makes the case that George Bush owes his second term to Rosie O’Donnell’s since voided San Francisco wedding. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to hear that news…

  • Joe Gandelman examines the “blame the bloggers” meme being floated by the networks.

  • This just in – CBS is preparing to call Ohio. No indications as to who they will call it for…

  • Jon Henke gathers reaction from the left. enjoy the schadenfreude, if you’re into that.

  • Michele Catalano has the final words – many of them – on the election.

    How Excited Is Barbara Bush About The Election?
    Extending an olive branch


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