Media leads the "healing" process

I think somebody at the Dallas Morning News didn’t like the election results.

Removal of Arafat could offer new hope for Bush administration

The Dallas Morning News
WASHINGTON – (KRT) – Yasser Arafat’s deteriorating health gives President Bush a chance to promote a dialogue with the Palestinians that was largely abandoned two years ago because of a terror-filled uprising that Arafat did not quell.

The shape of that opportunity is still emerging, however, and Bush administration officials – while saying they were watching carefully – showed no sign of seizing it Thursday, as reports of Arafat’s condition zigzagged.

Bush is screwing up the middle east already. Here we have the golden opportunity but Bush refused to seize it and..

Oh wait…

White House speaks of new opportunity for Middle East

IT WAS unlikely to be mere coincidence. As reports that Yasser Arafat had slipped into a coma and might be dying reached the United States yesterday, the White House was speaking of “a new opportunity” to restart the Middle East peace initiative.

It is no secret that the US administration thinks of Mr Arafat as perhaps the biggest obstacle to a settlement with the Israelis. His control over the Palestinian establishment and his interference in the peace process have led the Americans to all but give up.

“We have a new opportunity before us to move forward on the

Media leads the "healing" process II
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