Wizbang Calls Election For Bush

With NBC and Fox both projecting Bush with 269 Electoral Votes and a 3.2 million vote popular vote lead, it’s very safe to call this election for Bush. That and the fact that Bush will win New Mexico – even if the absentee ballot counting is delayed…

Update: It looks like he might win Iowa too, and Nevada (17 EV’s total).

Update 2: It’s entirely possible the final results will not be officially known for 48 hours, but rest assured that the President will win. He’s ahead by 125,000 votes in Ohio with 97% of the vote counted.

Update 3: John Edwards was trotted out to say that the Kerry-Edwards team was keeping up the fight in Ohio. If the provisional vote total is more that the margin of Bush victory they’ll only need to win something on the order of 9 out of every 10 provisional ballots that were legally cast. It’s desperation time for Democrats…

Patience has its virtues
Wizbang Calls Ohio For Bush


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