Patience has its virtues

As promised, I’ve been watching C-BS coverage of the election off and on all night (I also got a bit of sleep in), waiting for Dan Rather to have his meltdown. It hasn’t happened, but there have been moments.

Earlier, he described the voting in Ohio as something “that would give an aspirin a headache.” I kinda like that phrase.

But now, at 4:45 a.m., he finally gave me my satisfaction.

While running down the various governor’s races, he got to us here in New Hampshire. He described incumbent Governor Craig Benson as “fighting for his life,” his challenger Peter Lynch as a “millionaire” (ignoring that Benson is richer), then gave the nod to Lynch by saying “and New JERSEY goes to the Democrats, for whatever that is worth.”

Screw you, too, Gunga Dan. Go back to browsing nursing home brochures and hope to hell they’re more authentic than those Bush National Guard Memos.


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