"Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes…"

Celebrating people’s deaths is never a pretty thing, and should only be done in extreme circumstances. But sometimes you just have to look at how some people meet their end and say to yourself that there must be some justice in the world.

We had a couple idiots here in New Hampshire who had lengthy brushes with the law. Both had several previous accidents and drunk-driving convictions. One of them had been involved in a previous fatal drunk-driving crash.

One of them had been previously convicted of auto theft and had been sued for paternity. He tried to avoid a DNA test by sending his brother to the lab, but was found out.

Last Saturday, these two exemplars of responsible, upright citizens went to Boston to celebrate the Red Sox finally winning the World Series. Both got tanked off their asses. And on the drive home, they rear-ended a truck and killed themselves.

I’m finding it hard to get very upset about their passing. Mainly, I’m just relieved they didn’t take anyone else with them.


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"It was just so horrible, I couldn't stop watching"


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