The Media Loves Kerry? Who knew?

I’m shocked, just shocked!

Study finds press pro-Kerry

Sen. John Kerry has gotten the white-glove treatment from the press, garnering more praise from journalists than any other presidential candidate in the last quarter-century, according to a new analysis of almost 500 news stories released today by the Center for Media and Public Affairs.

“It’s not just that John Kerry has gotten better press than President Bush before this election, he’s gotten better press than anyone else since 1980. That’s significant,” said Bob Lichter, director of the D.C.-based nonpartisan research group.

“Kerry also got better press than anyone else in the days before the primaries as well,” Mr. Lichter added.

In October alone, Mr. Kerry had a “record-breaking 77 percent positive press evaluations,” compared with 34 percent positive for Mr. Bush, the study states.

And for what… Kerry is, by even his strongest supports admission, the weakest candidate any party has produced in decades. It is pure election manipulation.

Update: Oh Look, another example.

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