The End Of The Age Of The Dinosaurs

Regardless of who wins the election it could very well be possible that this presidential elections is the swan song for the top tier media outlets stranglehold on opinion making. Collectively have they served us well in this election? I think not.

Consider the fact that there was not one major media story on what was arguably the seminal moment in the career of John Kerry – his 1971 testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Commitee…

Recent research indicates that, at least in this election, the media collectively really did get John Kerry his 15 point bump. They were in the tank for him from the word go. In 2000 the coverage was, according the media bias report, fairly evenhanded between Bush and Gore (with Gore receiving slightly more negative coverage). This year it wasn’t even close. You’d be hard pressed to name one negative story about John Kerry that wasn’t forced upon the mainstream press by blogs, talk radio, or political pundits.

Perhaps in 2008 the winning candidate will be able to use the Reagan strategy of speaking right over the press – or in this case right around them…

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