Election day goodies

Doc Poliblog says there are other things on the ballot tomorrow besides the race for President. Who knew? Apparently, he says there are some Senate races too. (He calls it Thune BTW. That would make me join Michele)

Speaking of Michele, The Command Post will be rocking until the last lawyer drops. (er I mean, vote tallied)

Joe over at Megapundit might be new to the game but he is getting the hang of it quickly. This might be the coolest link in the blogosphere tomorrow night. He dropped it in the comments below and I suggested he make it refresh every 2 minutes and he agreed. I have a cheap laptop that I’m digging out the closet just to have that page up as I sit on the sofa. Very cool.

And for those of you who, like me, are planning to be comfortably numb tomorrow, Steven Green has a paint by numbers version. (pun intended, get it- paint by NUMBERS- oh never mind)

And last but not least, it is getting to be last call on Pavel’s EV prediction contest. Go make 50 bucks for charity.

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