Why Republican Partisans Should Consider Kerry

[I know this is long but you ain’t allowed to comment on it unless you read the whole thing. This is NOT satire, take it at face value. If you don’t understand what I’m getting at, keep reading. It will become clear. This was going to be part 2 of a 3 part series but Jay sorta wrote part 1 for me and who knows if I’ll write #3.]

I have a confession to make.

I’m not proud of this fact but I have to admit it… A tiny little bitty part of me wants John Kerry to win. That would be the hopeless Republican hack part of me. Allow me to put on my partisan hack hat and explain.

To fully understand my deranged flirting with the occult, you must first appreciate the differences between strategy and tactics. Tactics are the methods used to win battles. ie: The Dems registering to vote under assumed names an registering multiple times. Strategy (AKA Startegery) is your plan to win the war. ie: Dems are using a combination of various type of voter fraud and their lawyers to “win” the election.

Once you focus on the big picture, Kerry seems an obvious choice. (If all you care about is the Republican party)

In the modern (post Watergate) era, we have only had two Democrat presidents. Both of them have helped the Republican party make tremendous strides.

Let’s start with the greatest living President ever…

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Jimmy Carter
We love to mock Carter with him hop-scotching the globe to coddle dictators and recently speaking out against the American Revolution. (How weird was that?!?) But we Republicans owe an enormous debt to Jimmy. Just a few years after Watergate, he gave us Ronald Reagan and the Reagan revolution. We went from a top tax bracket in the 90% range to the high 30’s. We built a military that was feared and respected around the globe. We won the cold war without firing a shot.

Reagan spawned millions of conservative thinkers who serve as the base of our party today. If it were not for Jimmy Carter’s abysmal failure as a President, we never would have had Reagan. That’s why I call Jimmy Carter the greatest living President.

Which leads us to…

Bill Clinton
Clinton’s rock star appeal among Democrats always bemuses me. Look what he did to their party… They had both the House and the Senate for 40 years when he showed up. In a single election cycle he gave them both to the Republicans and notwithstanding a back-room deal that lasted a few months, they have not given them back.

Perhaps as importantly, he (she) poisoned the well of socialized medicine. Her ham-handed attempt to confiscate one seventh of the U.S. economy and her wanting to throw you in jail for choosing your doctor set the case for socialism back years. And we have Billery to thank. Not to mention forever -shall we say- staining the reputation of their party.

The dems did get lucky in that Clinton was in office during the internet bubble but history is already showing that the Clinton economy was, like the rest of his Presidency, based on smoke and mirrors. He managed to squeak out the door just as the bubble was bursting. He loves to take credit for the economy but it was the over selling of the PC/internet revolution not any of his policies. The next major achievement he lists when he speaks of his presidential legacy? Americorps. What a legacy after 8 years.


So maybe now you understand why a Kerry presidency would not be a bad thing for Republican partisans. It might be a tactical loss but it would be great strategically.

Kerry is brewing a perfect storm of backlash. Riding the wave of a 9/11 era when people are more attuned to politics, Kerry has promised the world. His (nutball) wife even promised everyone would have heath insurance the day after the inauguration.

If Kerry gets elected it will largely be with the votes of people who have never before voted for a President. These people will be woefully disillusioned when “the plan” does not appear. Republicans can be counted to throw gas on that fire.

It is my great confidence that Kerry will out Carter Carer that makes the partisan in me want him. He will never be a strong President and a foreign policy crisis will render him impotent.

Further -and perhaps most importantly- Kerry must, in order to survive, never have a terrorist attack on American soil. He has exactly ZERO margin for error. If there is another attack, Bush’s (knock on wood) 3 year perfect track record will be thrown in his face daily. In fairness to the poor guy, it is not a fair standard. Too bad, he applied for the job.

If there is another attack on his watch, his quotes about running a smarter, more effective war on terror will make up the sum total of the next campaign. With all these new voters watching.

Don’t get me wrong -for the good of the nation- I want to see Kerry defeated. And I’m not hoping to change any minds and have people vote for him. But as a student of history, I know that looking at it strategically, a Kerry win would help the Republicans more than a Bush win. Bush can not help the Republican party any more than he has. Kerry has mountains of upside potential.

But I put the country before my partisanship. I’m still voting Bush.

[And because it is bound to be brought up by both people on the right and left, lemme just stomp on it now… No, I’m not getting ready for a Kerry win.(even though I have predicted it) This is just generic political punditry. (I’ve been known to do that once in a while you know.;-)

To my friends on the right, no, I have not seen horrific poll numbers and I am not preparing for the worst. Heck the only numbers I’ve seen are good.

And for the people on the left bound to pounce on this as “proof” I know Bush is going to lose and I’ll tell you the same thing. I’ll be disappointed if Bush loses. You’ll still be able to gloat. But before you make any foolish replies to this, I’d remind you of the words of a GENERAL Clinton after the Battle of Breed’s hill. In the battle, the Colonists took about 400 casualties and the British, by some accounts, took over 1200.

General Clinton said after the battle, “A few more victories like this will ruin us.” That’s where the Democrat party is in 2004.]

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