TiVo Halloween Weirdness

This evening I noticed that on Friday October 29th at 10:00 PM our TiVo manually recorded “Fahrenheit 9/11: A Moment in Time” on IFC. No one in the house picked that movie as a manual selection nor did we watch it. To be clear – this was not a TiVo Suggestion recording, it was a scheduled manual recording – the kind that show at the top of the Now Playing List, and are prefaced by the word Manual.

That only leaves two possible explanations:

  1. One of our toddlers managed to get the remote, navigate the menus and record the show by channel or time – the only way a show records as Manual (a difficult task for experienced users).

  2. The TiVo folks managed to turn their boxes into zombies for IFC, Michael Moore, and the DNC.

I don’t know which of those two choices is scarier.

That’s my true life Halloween story…

Update: It seems that I alone suffered this cruel Halloween fate. I guess option 1 is most likely at this point, as others were not infected by this plague. That’s one smart 3 year old, though I’m not so sure about his politics…

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