Some people will believe anything

The left side of the blogosphere is going loco over this KSTP TV report. Supposedly there is video that PROVES the explosives were at Al Qa Qaa AFTER the fall of Baghdad.

One of my pals on the left called it a “slam dunk.

They have a rather wanting story on KSTP but it also made Paula Zahn. (CNN)

It seems the story has a few problems…

Zahn had the reporter on and after saying he “almost certainly” was at Al Qaa Qa, he then backed away from that remark a bit:

Zahn: First of all, Dean, are you convinced of the fact that you actually were at the al Qa Qaa weapons site?


I think in terms [of whatever] I’ve been able to learn about where it is, just how big it is and where it is in relation to the place that we were camped with the 101st Airborne, I don’t think there’s any question that we were in some part of the al Qa Qaa compound.

So he did not know where he was at the time the footage was shot. Not surprising, he’s not from there after all and let’s review, it’s a freaking desert.. But even after coming home and seeing it on the map, he still can’t confirm where he was. (But he is more sure in this interview than his station was… More on that in a minute.)

After showing the “smoking gun” video, Zahn interviews an IAEA weapons inspector.

ZAHN: Let’s check in with Michael for a moment here.

What do you make of these highly conflicting stories? You hear Dean’s account. We know the date is on that tape. It’s encrypted on the tape. So, on one hand, that would seem to indicate that some of those weapons were there after the war began, and yet, the Pentagon today releases a satellite photo that they claim was taken two days before the war got under way showing activity which appear to be trucks perhaps maybe moving some of these materials away from the site.

MICHAEL LYSOBEY, FORMER WEAPONS INSPECTOR: Well, the materials at that site or the materials that I saw in the video are not necessarily the HMX, which is the high explosive used in a nuclear implosion device.

What we saw in the tape were a bunch of barrels and a bunch of explosive caps. Al Qa Qaa is an explosives facility. So that’s what we’d expect to see. The explosives that we’re worried about, we don’t know. This isn’t definitive proof that those explosives were there.

Zahn was notably deflated.

Not only could the guy not confirm where he was, the weapons inspector was underwhelmed. So much for the slam dunk.

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But now let me turn my attention to the report from the affiliate.

They have video CNN decided not to run. (and I have to winder why.)

They tried hard -a little too hard- to go for the melodrama and make it seem like news. A rather obvious indicator they don’t have much.

On their website, they hype (in a different typeface) the fact that the reporter saw some guys in a lone pickup truck.

“At one point, there was a group of Iraqis driving around in a pickup truck,” said former

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