Pennsylvania Soldiers Sue To Have Their Vote Counted

It shouldn’t be particularly surprising that the “count every vote” Democrats don’t support counting every military vote – they didn’t in 2000 and don’t in 2004. They’re busy fighting to get the illegal votes of illegal aliens and convicted felons counted, but not the members of our armed services.

HARRISBURG (Philadelphia Inquirer) – Two soldiers from Pennsylvania serving abroad filed a motion in federal court yesterday to force the state to accept overseas absentee ballots received after Tuesday’s election.

Without an extension, U.S. Army Specs. Matthew J. Schramm of Schwenksville, Montgomery County, and Steven J. Reitz of Venango County, probably won’t have their votes counted, according to the court petition filed by lawyers with the Republican State Committee.

“With the war in Iraq a major issue in this election, it is especially imperative that the members of the military actually waging that war have their votes counted,” according to the motion, which asks the court to extend the absentee ballot deadline until Nov. 17

According to the court motion yesterday, Schramm and Reitz still have not received their absentee ballots. Without an extension, they fear that they won’t get them in time to return them to their home counties by Election Day.
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell opposes extending the deadline to count the soldiers votes, though he supported an extension earlier this year for the primary elections.

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