The word of the day – Reckless

OK, we right-wing blogger always get accused of such grand coordination — let’s have some.

The word of the day is Reckless.

As in “John Kerry showed a reckless disregard for the truth in making his allegations against Bush”


“John Kerry said this was ‘One of the biggest blunders of the Bush administration.’ We now know he was reckless in making that statement.”

For all of you who think Kerry should be spanked for his reckless behavior the last few days, (see it’s easy) calling him reckless is meme we need to start. Don’t just put it in the comments here. Put it on your blog, call the local talk radio station, email your local paper etc. Heck, call Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity et al and make it nationwide.

The reason it is the right word for the day is that it is accurate. John Kerry accused the commander in chief of an horrific blunder during a time of war, before he had the whole story…. And he did it to play politics.

If that is was not reckless then reckless has no meaning.

And nobody wants a reckless Commander in Chief. — Just ask Howard Dean.

Karl Rove, are you listening?

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