Ted Koppel's Closing Thoughts

From the episode that featured Swift Boat And POW Veterans For Truth founder John O’Neill. [Ed – emphasis added is ours]

WASHINGTON, Oct. 14, 2004 (ABC News) – One of our own producers this morning raised a question that I suspect a number of you may have on your minds: Why, just when the presidential candidates are starting to focus on real substantive issues, devote yet another program to what John Kerry did or didn’t do in Vietnam?

Here’s why: Questions have been raised about John Kerry’s character and honesty. We were offered the chance to set the record straight on one discrete chapter in Mr. Kerry’s war record.

We didn’t know what we were going to find when our crew went into Vietnam. You have the right to expect that we would have reported it either way. And we would. Because, not reporting something you know can be just as much of a political statement as reporting it.

Imagine how outraged supporters of Kerry would have been if we had concealed what we found. Our interviews don’t prove that John Kerry deserved his Silver Star, but they are consistent with the after-action report and his citation for bravery.

Finally, once we’ve checked things as thoroughly as we can, we’re in the business of reporting what we learn, not concealing it.Yet they have an authenticated al Qaeda videotape which warns of retribution for Americans electing Bush and Cheney, and suddenly they’re not in the business of reporting anymore?

The Al Qaqaa Video
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