Explosivegate Roundup

NZ Bear gathers the latest news on the story of the missing explosives in Iraq. There are many new developments, chief among them this ABC story.

We’ve got a bombshell angle to the story we’re working on. Expect it this morning. [Hint: Read the ABC story]

Update: KSTP Minneapolis/St.Paul has video of explosives from a location near al Qaaqaa dated April 18, 2003. Here’s the story and the video. None of the locations on the video are show IAEA seals. Assuming we’ve got some military folks in the audience, what’s your take on what is shown in the video?

Update 2: Our “bombshell” is more of a incendiary theory. Did the IAEA fail to tell the UN Security Council during the debates about the disappearance of a substantial amount of monitored material? If so that would have been in important piece of information that was perhaps deliberately hidden from the Security Council. We need your help in tracking down some facts – come join the hunt.

A call to the pajamhadeen (channeling buckhead)
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