The 10 Spot – Celebrity Gossip Edition

Ten things you might not have seen…

  1. ALERT!!! Lindsay Lohan’s was released from a Los Angeles hospital Tuesday after suffering from an undisclosed ailment. Careful examination of the size of her breasts is recommended (Safe for work, unless you view this image)…

  • Ving Rhames is Kojak.

  • Defamer on Ashlee Simpson’s spin, “The Simpson camp is really staying on message with that acid reflux story, aren’t they? If things don’t work out with this whole fake-singing pop star thing, she could have a bright career as a college Republican.”

  • Pop signer and underage sex fiend R. Kelly pulled a shift working at a St. Louis area McDonald’s drive-through. The amazing part is that it was entirely voluntary, not community service related…

  • Julia Roberts, pregnant with twins, was hospitalized over the weekend after experiencing a series of early contractions. She’s not due until January which puts her around the 30 week mark. Our twin boys were delivered at 36 weeks and were 6 lbs. and 7 lbs. She needs to make it through November to get out of the real preemie range…

  • Ed Wood’s long-lost last film “Necromania” has been found. The 1971 movie is a porn film documenting the sexual enlightenment of a young couple at the hands of a coven of witches. You can see previews and buy it at Fleshbot [NSFW].

  • Actress Fritha Goody (About A Boy) suicide by stabbing herself in the chest with a kitchen knife, The Evening Standard reported.

  • Queen Latifah was originally cast in the role Halle Berry won an Oscar for in Monster’s Ball. She would have done the nude scenes…

  • Katherine Harris is a celebrity – of sorts. A man who tried to run over the former Florida Secretary of State with his car claims he was “exercising my political expression

  • Anna Marie Cox (aka Wonkette) is coming out with a book. Here’s the plot – chronicles the romantic and political life of a young campaign staffer in Washington, D.C., during the lull between the Democratic and Republican conventions. Sound familiar?

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