Taking one for the team

Tonight I’ve been on a bit of a roll. This is my fifth piece in about an hour, and I think they’ve been all pretty good.

But there’s a bit of a historical trend around these parts. Whenever I start churning out the material, it seems that shortly thereafter Kevin and/or Paul break some huge story that just completely blows my pieces figuratively out of the water and literally off the front page of this site.

I really don’t mind it too much — the scoops they come up with are always impressive as hell and vastly more important than my observations and commentary — but it gets a little frustrating after a while.

But with the election this close (both in time and in polling numbers), I think our side needs all the help it can get. So here I’ve tossed several pieces on to the pile. If history is any guide, that means one of my colleagues here will break another big story that could put a huge hurting on Kerry’s chances of winning.

I’m somewhat proud of the pieces I’ve written tonight, but if I have to “take one for the team” and watch them get smothered by some huge Kerry expose’, I guess at least they’ll have fallen for a worthy cause.

OK, Kevin, Paul — I’ve tossed down the gauntlet. BRING IT ON!


Update: “No mas… no mas…”

Paul, I mean this in the kindest way possible. You suck.

CBS/NYT Times Story Crumbles Tonight
Bay state hypocrisy


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