Bay state hypocrisy

It’s no secret that I’m not that fond of Massachusetts, our neighbor to the south here in Cow Hampshire. One of the reasons is the ridiculously high cost of living down there, largely self-inflicted.

For example, owning a car in Massachusetts is amazingly expensive. Insurance rates are among the highest in the country. Further, Massachusetts has what it styles as an “excise tax” that can run several hundred dollars a year.

For that reason, a lot of Massachusetts residents attempt to register their cars here in New Hampshire. Not only do they evade the excise taxes and higher insurance rates, New Hampshire doesn’t require drivers to have insurance.

Every now and then, though, Massachusetts officials crack down on these people. The fines are quite hefty, and it’s always good for news coverage for a little while. They have even tried out a reward system, where you can get money for ratting out your neighbors.

This time of year, however, it’s always easier for the authorities to see just who they should be paying extra attention to. I’m amazed how many cars I see on the roads with New Hampshire plates and covered with Massachusetts politicians’ stickers. What the hell are these idiots thinking?

And, irony of ironies, it’s almost always Democratic candidates. Massachusetts is essentially a one-party state (Republican governor, but both houses of the legislature are utterly dominated by Democrats, to the point where they can override his vetoes at will, and a very liberal court system), and it’s the Democrats who keep these taxes and fees so high. Either these scofflaws don’t see the hypocrisy of supporting the party that keeps the taxes high while illegally evading them, or don’t care.

Either way, I think I’m gonna start writing down some license plates. The reward money could come in handy around Christmas.

Taking one for the team
Don Corleone, consilgliere to the Democratic National Committee


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