A Puppetgate Primer

[Ok so you can see I just landed on “puppetgate.” I hate it, but by golly you can’t have a scandal without a catchy name that ends in gate so that’s what I’m going with.]

Multiple people have asked me to explain what “Kerry worked for the commies” stories mean. The stories are somewhat poorly written and assume you don’t mind digging thru the documents. That makes it hard for some people to wrap their minds around. I don’t want to mention names (Boyd) because I don’t want to embarrass anyone (Boyd) but some people (Boyd*) can’t figure it out. So here it is in English.

It has long been known that John Kerry traveled to Paris to meet with North Vietnamese Communists. Like so many things in Kerry’s life, there are multiple stories about how he got there. Kerry has claimed he was in Paris for his Honeymoon when he met with the communists. That claim is weakened by the fact that his own autobiography says he spent his Honeymoon in Jamaica.

However he got there, the travel arrangements were not near as important as why he was meeting with the enemy during a time of war. He was, after all, still in the Navy. (reserves by then?) Kerry has claimed he met them to discuss the conditions of the POWs. He has also claimed at one point he was trying to broker a peace deal.

But the true reason Kerry met with the communists was never clear, though many have speculated. Speculation increased when it was recently learned that John Kerry’s picture is in a North Vietnamese museum with a caption explaining how he helped the communists win the war. One speculation was that Kerry met with the commies and he coordinated his actions as leader of the VVAW with them. But there was no proof.

Enter the The Virtual Vietnam Archive. I’m going to make another post about it later, but they have over 20 millions records from the Vietnam era, over 1 million of them are in a full text searchable database. Someone from the Swiftvets did some digging and found what appears to be a document explaining what Kerry was doing in Paris. It was a document captured in 1971 from enemy sources. The document was a summation of the anti-war efforts prepared by the North Vietnamese, for the North Vietnamese and states in part:

The spontaneous antiwar movements in the US have received assistance and guidance from the friendly ((VC/NVN)) delegations at the Paris Peace Talks.

The text in double parentheses was added by the translators for context in 1971. VC/NVN, of course, means Viet Cong and North Vietnamese government.

What this says is that Kerry received “assistance and guidance” from the communists while he was in Paris. Essentially, it says Kerry was working with them. Other documents in the stories support a damning picture but for this post, I’m sticking to the “smoking gun” document.

Determining the legitimacy of this statement is not a complicated as it sounds.

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You have to answer a few questions:

Are the documents legit?
The answer is yes. I’ll post more later about this. But they are unquestionably legit.

Are they being interpreted correctly or are they being spun.
Well, assuming the “Paris Peace Talks” means the meetings with Kerry, I can’t see how it to be taken any other way.

Are these documents “real but false” (as opposed to ‘fake but true’)
The argument will undoubtedly be put forward that whoever wrote this back in ’71 was lying. There is no evidence of that in any way and the level of detail in the documents and the way they dovetail with other knows facts make a strong case against that.

This document is the cornerstone of the piece. There are other documents that seem to confirm he did as he was told. If you want to know the rest of the story, read this (slowly) and it will become quite clear.

The larger question here, is whether this is proof Kerry was working for the communists. Speaking legalistically it would hardly be enough evidence in a court of law to get a conviction. BUT it would indeed be enough evidence for a judge to order a search warrant.

And that is where, I think, we are. To bring my analogy into the political world, a “search warrant” involves a reporter making a few calls and asking the candidate to confirm or deny things.

To date, not a single reporter other than the NY Post has called the folks at the Virtual Vietnam Archive and not a single reporter has asked the Kerry campaign to confirm or deny this. An odd fact indeed considering that same media is running the “Bush AWOL” story for the 7th generation this week.

[*And Boyd, I knew you had a sense of humor. Sorry for making you my stooge -oh pun intended. LOL You were by far not the only one confused. ]

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