Wizbang and The Bullpen on the Case

Chad Evans is a Texas Tech alum who has first had knowledge of the document archive the “John Kerry worked with the commies” papers came from. (I’m still looking for a name as you can tell.)

He pulled some strings and got a brief interview with the archivist in charge of the collection. Chad and I worked on a set of questions for him. Here are the results.

“I just got off the phone with Steven Maxner, Director of the Vietnam Archive, and he answered a few questions for me.

How any member of the mainstream media contacted the Vietnam Archive in
relation to this story? No. Not the New York Times, the Washington Post or
any other major newspaper

Have you personally seen the documents in question? Yes I have. Can you vouch for the authenticity of the reports? Of course. These documents came from the the Douglas Pike Archive. Douglas Pike worked for the State Department and these documents came from our intelligence.

When did the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth visit the archives? Were they
able to find the documents right away or did they have to search for a
while? I cannot disclose personal information concerning any of our patrons
just as any library couldn’t disclose personal information. The guys were
here sometime last week, though I was not here so I do not know what day
they came. It’s my understanding they were here for a good portion of the
day so it they probably had to search for the documents and didn’t know
where to find them when they came in.

You can read the rest of Chad’s coverage including this latest update here.

I was surprised they found them in a single day but the archivist seemed surprised it took them that long so maybe that does not mean much. I really wonder what 5 people working for a week could uncover.

For the record, while the MSM is ignoring this, a few dedicated bloggers in their spare time are doing their job. That does not mean the NY Times should be running this yet, but they could at least pick up the phone.



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