Kerry Commie Story Thoughts

First, we need an easier phrase than “Kerry Commie Story” — Quick somebody invent a -gate. commiegate?

Second… MAN I’ve only skimmed this but it has Bill Burkett written all over it. What I mean by that is 30 year old documents (No, there are no th’s) magically appeared that proved exactly what all of Kerry’s critics suspected. You know the left is going to go ultrahypermootbatonspeedwhacky trying to prove they are bogus.

So let’s learn a lesson from this weekend and let it grow. More thoughts will be posted here after I finish reading it. I’m leaving the original post strictly as a mirror.

Third: If this is true.. It will have much wider implications than one presidential candidate. If the commies were directly using the protester’s as “useful idiots” the whole way we as a culture look at the 1960’s and 70’s will change. I haven’t figured out how, but it will change. (Deep thoughts for 3am.)

BTW for the background on this post go here.

More thoughts below the fold…

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OK The Docs apparently have some weight so far…

Swift Boat Vets and POWs for Truth dispatched two researchers to Texas Tech University’s Vietnam-era archive in Lubbock, which has more than 2 million documents, and “see if there was anything there,” Corsi said.

Many of the documents are in Vietnamese and have not been translated yet.

The documents were found in boxes containing documents from antiwar activities during 1971-72, but they also turned out to be posted in an Internet database, which enabled further verification.

If they were on the Texas Tech website greater than (say) 12 months ago, I’m going to be real close to being a believer.

I have a cookie for the first person who can google them up.

But I still have some questions….

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