The geese may fly south in the fall, but the loons stay behind in New England…

There were a couple of odd stories in the local news around New England yesterday that I didn’t get the chance to write about.

The first was in the Boston Herald yesterday. Apparently some people will do ANYTHING to get World Series tickets…

The second story, from the Union Leader, brought me back to my brief career as a spam-fighter. It turns out that one of the biggest names in spam, Sanford (or “Spamford,” as he was nicknamed by his enemies — a term he quickly embraced) has moved on from junk e-mail to spyware. Worse yet, he’s moved into MY back yard, here in Cow Hampshire. It’s small consolation that he’s over in Barrington, a good hour’s drive from here, and he’s been spending the last six months in Vegas. It’s more consolation that his nightclub recently filed bankruptcy.

On behalf of the rest of Cow Hampshire, I’d like to apologize for giving this scumbag a home. In our defense, though, I will point out that we do have open borders with other states, so we very well couldn’t keep him out. Further, he has spent the last six months in a place where prostitution is legal. Now if he would only stay where it’s legal to screw people for money literally, and stop screwing all of us figuratively…


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