Spoons "seething with rage" – It must be bad out there…

When Spoons says he’s seething with rage, you know something is up.

This may be the final straw.

I should probably wait until I calm down to write this, but I’m asbsolutely seething with rage this morning. I don’t want to get all “Tree of Liberty” or anything, but mark my words: The Democrats are going to steal this election.

Check out this post at Powerline He’s got a copy of the absentee ballot from Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), Ohio. Go look at it.

Can you believe that thing? If you want to vote for George Bush, you just follow the big bold arrow and check the colored box, right? After all, that’s what you do if you want to vote for Kerry. Nuh uh. Instead, you gotta ignore the big bold arrow, move ten spaces up, and ckeck the box that’s not next to anyone’s name.

This makes the Palm County/Pat Buchanan butterfly ballot seem like a model of clarity.

The bastards. This strikes me as an obviously intentional attempt to… wait for it… DISENFRANCHISE Bush voters in Cuyahoga County. Given the closeness of the race there, this could easily swing Ohio, and the election, into Kerry’s column.

I’m… There are no words.

While you’re at it, read this post at Powerline, too, and the George Will column cited there.

The Democrats are trying to steal it folks. I wonder if the Republicans are going to do anything about it. I bet not.

It is now abundantly clear the Democrats are trying to steal Ohio.

Start at either Spoons or Powerline. Read Spoons carefully as he puts his updates out of order. (it makes sense when you read it.)

This is obviously a developing story…

UPDATE:Read the last Powerline update. It’s still abundantly clear Dems are trying to steal Ohio.

UPDATE 2: I told you the story was developing, read the comments. Gail seems to have ended the debate.

UPDATE 3: Or maybe not. Kevin has more.

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