Republicans Caught Trying to Suppress Vote

The Democrats got this one right.

Ohio Provisional Ballot Ruling Reversed

CINCINNATI (AP) – A federal appeals court ruled Saturday that provisional ballots Ohio voters cast outside their own precincts should not be counted, throwing out a lower-court decision that said such ballots are valid as long as they are cast in the correct county.

The ruling by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals supports an order issued by Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell. Democrats contend the Republican official’s rules are too restrictive and allege they are intended to suppress the vote.

This may surprise many of my regular readers but the Democrats are right on this one. The Republicans are absolutely trying to suppress votes.

The way the Democrats wanted the ruling, people could vote in as many precincts as they could drive to in one day. As one analyst put it, “Democrats wanted it so a person could drive to 12 or 13 polling places before lunch and potentially have all their votes count.” Not surprisingly, Republicans disagreed.

Republicans wanted people to only be able to vote once and the Democrats wanted people to be able to vote as many times as they wanted. So yes, we’ve been caught, the Republicans did want to suppress votes. Guilty as charged.

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And if you needed more proof that the Dems were just trying to set up voter fraud…

Democrats said Saturday they were disappointed by the ruling but were ready to move on with election preparations.

“To avoid any confusion, we are not going to appeal this ruling,” David Sullivan, voter protection coordinator for the Ohio Democratic Party, said in a statement. “That way we can ensure that voters and election officials understand that voters must be in the proper polling place before casting a vote.”

Suddenly the party with thousands of lawyers decided to give it a pass. What happened to their concern for the voters? What about the minorities? Why give this up so easily?

Because they do not want to go to the Supreme Court in an obvious attempt to steal the election before it even starts. It would be a PR disaster that would cost them the election. People would see thru the scam and take it out on Kerry in the voting booth.

If they thought they had the moral high-ground (or could spin it so they did) they would be appealing the ruling and whining on CNN about how Republicans are trying to disenfranchise people. Instead, they tried to set it up so they could steal the election then skulked away when they got caught.

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