Busch Scares Kerry

Attention Karl Rove.. get your guy to Busch Stadium, pronto!


John Kerry’s love of the Boston Red Sox only goes so far.

Kerry told a crowd in Pueblo, Colorado, that someone asked whether he would attend a World Series game if he were campaigning in St. Louis.

Kerry says for the next ten days he’s “not going in a place called Busch Stadium.”

Kerry hasn’t campaigned in Missouri for some time. The state, once considered a battleground, now appears safely in President Bush’s column.

Kerry also ruled out going to Boston’s Fenway Park for a game, saying he doesn’t have the time.Even Fenway scares Kerry. Bush should try for a Fenway appearance …

John Kerry and his staff must not talk much, because the Boston Herald reports that Kerry’s staff is still debating the wisdom of a surprise visit to Fenway. Kerry at Fenway? What could go wrong [Video]….

Update: Why does Kerry throw like a girl? (See below for answer)…

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Look who taught him to throw…

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Update 2: Powerline has another picture of an errant Kerry runway toss…

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