Guide to the Wizbang Poll Tracking Tool

I’ve made a few changes in the Wizbang Poll Tracking Tool. I’ve deleted some polls and added others. First, let me give you the 10 cent tour. The tracker follows 6 polls that I selected from the dozens on the net. Primarily, I picked them for methodology and update frequency. They are all Electoral College polls except for the Real Clear Politics average and the WaPo tracking poll.

All the titles in the tracker are linked but here is the rundown.

That stands for Real Clear Politics 3 way race. (Nader) They take the last week of national polls and get an average. Simple and effective.

Real Clear Politics version of the Electoral College Race

This is a cool site. The official name is “Dave Leip’s Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections” but I only have 400 pixels so I reduced it accordingly. Dave has Presidential election historical data from 1789 to 2000. It’s worth a look.

“Daly Thoughts” breakdown which I noticed many people check.

Rasmussen Reports EC breakdown. They sorta blew the last Presidential race but I wanted a “professional opinion” and I went with Rasmussen. Zogby blew his state by state coverage last time so he was rejected and Gallup has it Bush 321 to Kerry 207. I like the sounds of that but it is so far out there as of this writing, I rejected them as well.

Washington Post daily tracking poll. Tracking polls are done with a small sample every day. This poll samples 350 people a day which is high for a tracking poll. It is an “early warning indicator” if you will. Take tracking poll results with a gain of salt, use it to spot trends. But at 350 people a night, this is a good sample.

Now for the changes. I was still working on the tracking tool when Kevin activated it so we had an interesting start, but it is cleaned up now. James Joyner pointed out that Slate changes their URl every day. I’m not going to follow them all over the internet so they got the boot. A “Mrs. Davis” pointed out that Electoral Projections only updates weekly. Booted.

All things considered, I think I have a good cross section of polling.

I also added a link line back to this guide so new readers would know what those numbers were. I was thinking about doing it when I noticed several users did it I decided to just make it part of the package. Plus it allowed me to add a time stamp which I wanted. The tracker will be updated at least 3 times per day.

Anyone wishing to recommend a site or make other recommendations, feel free. (Although ideas from people using the tool will get an order of magnitude more consideration.)

If you want to add the poll tracker to your site, here is the code.

<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

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