The 10 Spot – Around The World Edition

Ten things you might not have seen on the Internets…

  1. Simon of Simon World has a very interesting recap of pollster John Zogby’s lecture to a Hong Kong audience.

  • A view of the Red Sox – Yankees series from Iraq.

  • What’s the funniest thing headline of the last 24 hours? From Fark – Red Sox win game 6. Now one game from gut-wrenching heartbreak. Thanks to Charles for reminding me of it.

  • Sean Hackbarth notes that prisoners are voting in Wisconsin.

  • Kelley says, “So, goodbye yellow brick road. The peaceful and orderly American vote is a thing of the past, and we sure as hell aren’t in Kansas any more.”

  • Lauren asks, “Is liberalism weakened politically by our need to be inclusive of all, even those with whom we virulently disagree?”

  • Michele says the new 527 ad Ashley’s Story is powerful and moving. Spoons has a different take.

  • Heros For Bush is NZ Bear’s “blogburst” where bloggers will channel their favorite characters of TV, movies, and fiction showing their support for President Bush’s re-election. Have a look.

  • Christian Grantham, a liberal Democrat, urges John Kerry to apologize to the Cheney’s.

  • Mike at Cold Fury is channeling the AWOL Allah in Another Crackhead For Kerry.

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