Quote of the day

Today’s quote of the day is from Peter Jennings of ABC News.

“I’m a little concerned about this notion everybody wants us to be objective and when we don’t think we can be fully objective, to be fair”

Why on earth would anyone want such a thing?

Objectivity and fairness in the media? Perish the thought.

But then Jennings completely jumps the shark.

“There’s a whole industry of conservatives saying, ‘Ah, it’s those damn liberals,’ and a whole group of liberals saying, ‘It’s all those damn conservatives,'” Jennings said

Here we go again. Conservatives are not individually upset about the fact the media is a vast liberal wasteland, No… it is an INDUSTRY, people are only complaining because Karl Rove pays us.

Considering most of the lefty bloggers are on somebody’s payroll and most of the conservative bloggers are doing this from passion, this shows not only Jennings’s bias but his complete insularity from the real world.

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Speaking of insularity…

“If you tailor your news viewing, as some people are now doing, so that you only get one point of view, well of course you’re going to think somebody else has got a different point of view, and it may be wrong,” Jennings said

More evidence the man is clueless.

If you watch the big 3 networks then “you only get one point of view.” It is the diversification of the media that allows people to get a different point of view. A fact that obviously annoys the hell out of Jennings.

And they wonder why people quit watching them in droves. People don’t want their news filtered by someone who has so little understanding of the world.

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