The Suspense Was Killing Us

Shockingly DU, though that might be a disservice to the few intelligible posters there. The column is unsigned but it positively reeks of Maureen Dowd which should give you advance warning as to the content. Once The Times has enumerated their litany of Bush evils, without spending much time on Kerry positives, they come to this remarkable (if predictable) conclusion:

Voting for president is a leap of faith. A candidate can explain his positions in minute detail and wind up governing with a hostile Congress that refuses to let him deliver. A disaster can upend the best-laid plans. All citizens can do is mix guesswork and hope, examining what the candidates have done in the past, their apparent priorities and their general character. It’s on those three grounds that we enthusiastically endorse John Kerry for president.

I was struck by their three reasons to endorse Kerry.

  • examining what the candidates have done in the past – The Kerry resume is not exactly where I’d look to first in making the case for Kerry…

  • their apparent priorities – Again an area many have struggled to understand about Kerry; just what exactly his priorities are…

  • and their general character – Yet again another area in which Kerry comes up short. Calling your brothers in arms war criminals, have a Q rating somewhere below Mussolini, being generally untrusted or disliked, etc…

If those were the only three criteria to consider in the choice for President, Kerry would be looking at a defeat on the order of Mondale or McGovern…

Update: The Carnivorous Conservative has more on the equally unsurprising Boston Globe endorsement.

Update 2: Thanks to Michele for counting anti-Bush paragraphs (20) and pro Kerry paragraphs (3). You’ll notice in the anti-Bush section the Times editors manage to invoke Godwin’s Law, for good measure.

History may not repeat itself, but it occasionally stutters
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