Some things just shouldn't be outsourced

The other day I was in a convenience store. As I was checking out, I noticed an assortment of those magnetic ribbons that are becoming more and more popular. This store had ’em all — gold, stars and stripes, camouflage, and pink (for breast cancer). I was just about to buy one (I liked the flag motif one) when, on a hunch, I flipped the package over.


Now, I have a great deal of respect for the Republic of China. They’ve stood face-to-face with Communist China (no, I will NOT call them “The People’s Republic of China”) for over fifty years, despite dire threats and being vastly outnumbered. They’ve been good and loyal friends of ours (although, to be perfectly honest, they really don’t have a great deal of choice — we help guarantee their freedom), despite the way we’ve treated them over the years. I find it shameful how we let Communist China bully us into minimizing our relations with them and shutting them out of the United Nations.

But there are some things that simply shouldn’t be imported. Patriotic symbols, of all things, should be made in the USA.

I left the ribbons sitting, unpurchased, on the counter. I wanted one, and I like the shopkeeper, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them.


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