If John Kerry really wants to apologize to Mary Cheney…

It appears that John Kerry is backing off his name-dropping of “Mary Cheney, Lesbian” (as he is trying to rename her). It seems that by singling her out while denouncing President Bush’s stated policies towards gay marriage, he only intended to praise the Cheneys for their love and support of their daughter, and not try to drive a wedge between her and her parents (and, by extension, the Bush campaign and the religious right).

Others have doubted Kerry’s sincerity, but I want to believe him. Such a move would be beneath contempt, and I’m not quite willing to believe that a sitting Senator and the presidential nominee of a major party would stoop so low. I’d like to give him a chance to heal the rift between the campaigns in a unique fashion.

I’d like to see Senator Kerry arrange a meeting between Mary Cheney and this young lady of his acquaintance (NFSW), and see what happens from there…


In other breaking news, sun rises in east
He Likes it! Hey, Mikey!


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