History may not repeat itself, but it occasionally stutters

I’ve always been able to draw connections and parallels where others tend to not see them. It’s an odd little gift of mine that usually gets me funny glances and odd looks more than anything else, but it’s occasionally entertaining. And lately I’ve been seeing a lot of little “echoes” of World War II in the current War on Terror.

War starts several years before the United States becomes an active combatant: check
The United States remains officially “neutral,” while favoring one side over the other, for several years: check
War’s most prominent, and at one point, pretty much only, combatant is an island nation surrounded by enemies: check (if, metaphorically, you consider Israel an “island” of a Jewish democracy surrounded by an “ocean” of Arab dictatorships)
The United States becomes an official participant in the war after a sneak attack kills several thousand Americans on American soil: check
Russia/The Soviet Union sides with the bad guys until a surprise attack on Russian soil: check
France either surrenders or collaborates with the bad guys: check
Two hostile nations defeated, a third “surrenders” and switches sides: check (Substituting Libya for Italy)
President elected in year ending in “0” pledges to avoid conflicts, ends up leading war after above-mentioned surprise attack less than one year after being inaugurated: check
Members of the President’s opposing party accuse the “island nation” of being behind the effort to get America into the war: check (some Republicans accused FDR of being manipulated by Winston Churchill into pursuing the war; those who accuse Israel of engineering America’s entry into the War on Terror tend to be liberals)
Huge mass graves of innocents discovered in one of the bad guy’s countries after being captured: check

I’m not quite certain this means anything, but I found it interesting…


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